Tuesday, January 27, 2015

First International and 9th Iranian Biotechnology Congress

Biotechnology has advance rapidly in Iran in the past two decades. Pharmaceutical biotechnology has advanced to a degree that we are exporting biotech medicinal drugs abroad including Europe. There have been contracts for tech transfer to other countries. Iranian progress in this field has amazed others in the west. For this we are proud to announce the upcoming biotechnology congress to be held in Tehran, Iran in 2015.

The First International and 9th National Iranian Biotechnology Congress will be held from 23th to 25th May, 2015 in Tehran, Iran. The congress is hosted by the Biotechnology Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

On behalf of the Biotechnology Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Organizing Committee invites researchers in the field of Biotechnology (Plants, Agriculture, Animals, Human, Biotech Industry, Microorganisms, Ethics, Rules and Regulation, Standards, Guidelines and other related topics) to participate in the First International and 9th National Iranian Biotechnology Congress.

The congress will follow the Iran Biotech Expo 2015 (Iran Bio 2015) which will be held in the Iran International Exposition Center, Tehran, Iran.

The conference program will include invited speakers, oral communications, and poster presentations. The congress will be an excellent opportunity to hear top level speeches, talks, discussions, presentations by top level guests or invited speakers from Iran and the world. This also provides excellent moments to show and discuss your latest results on different aspect of biotechnology orally or as posters.

The conference venue is Shahid Beheshti University International Conferences Center, Tehran, Iran.

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  • Registration for the Congress

    The problem for online registration and payment of fees for foreign participants has been fixed.